Sunday, August 1, 2010

Divisive race based on how responsible government

Sochaniey the one hand, religion and caste distinctions - price is said to eliminate the other side is religion and caste based reservations. But remarkably the same thing that comes before religion and caste to divide society to work hand in most of our religion and caste based reservation system. This argument is not a blank one hundred percent right. You can see for yourself that people of any race in our society a place to stay or your business is no problem. But our law is the law? Law is the law that this feature will bring caste certificate ....... So much for a certain caste reservation reservations .......... so much for such and such a race you see yourself that the government and the law society on the basis of caste is divided into many sections ...... Forward, Backward, Backward Classes, Anynt Backward Classes, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Dalits, Mahadlit ............. You would say that caste system is already in our society and there are even more many species. Think you own other than a marriage in our society about anywhere to anyone living or working in race is no problem. Well, it was racist in our society but now it is leaving the community regret that now our government has increased it's caste-based reservation system.

Someone has rightly said:

Government says race - gets off.
Law says bring caste certificate.
What is the conspiracy.
This is not democracy.

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