Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is the Government Blind?

It is not necessary that luxuries and attitude of people will improve, however improvement our country achieves. Now a days science is developing so much whereas there are many illiterate people. The largest number of illiterates is in India as per one report. There are numerous children seen in the hotels, restaurants, at the stations, in the market and on footpath to earn their livelihood or sell something. These children get opportunity neither to play nor to study. Not only this, these children are also engaged in selling items of narcotics like tobacco, pan parag, etc. on which the slogan is printed "Not for minor" at public places like trains, stations etc. where its uses or banned.
You must think what will be the future of these children? Someone has rightly said government is blind. Narcotics and smoking items are sold openly at public places. Minors are engaged at hotels, restaurants, or like this many places. Doesn't the government see it? Where is the law for ban on selling of smoking items at common places? Where is the law for ban on child labour? Where is the law for imparting education to all children? All the rules and regulations of the government are openly violated but no positive steps are being taken against it. Perhaps government is blind surely. But who will guide this blind government? There are many political parties in our country only to reiterate and blame one another on some issues or events. All are mad after their their vote bank, they one completely blind to the improvement work being done in favour of the citizens or not, and when the welfare work is started, they think about only for the sake of their own benefit not for the common class.
Here doesn't end the discussion. We all should pander unanimously how to establish a clean and cultured society free from crime and corruption. Let us come to contribute in building a classic and honest society supporting honesty and truth.

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