Monday, August 9, 2010

Stay bear everything silently to promote women's torture

We should not forget that behind every success no - no - a woman's hand is in some form. Today in the male group home where his every action there unnecessary to rely on a woman ever being out of control that a woman like that - seem to like torture and harassment. At that time he forgets that his food from his house for the whole system relies on the same woman. Men have their work time to remove the same woman at that time he seems very sweet and other times he unnecessarily and that women are angry at the way the woman - also give such torture. In that case, if quietly all women - are certain to suffer torture by being male, it will be to promote and in this case the man would not stop his habit ever. Therefore, all women quietly - nothing by being unnecessarily bearing men must oppose torture. And so remain blind eye on the man that women will understand how important it is for.


It was written on 20/06/2007 by Mahesh Kumar Verma, who was sent in June 2007 Matantar of Kadambini.
Original Post : महिलाओं को चुपचाप सबकुछ सहते रहना प्रताड़ना को बढावा देना है
Writter of the original post : महेश कुमार वर्मा (Mahesh Kumar Verma) (Contact No. : +919955239846)
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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Child education versus child labor

Today the government is focusing on education and the like - are running such schemes. But the government knows this reality that children are getting their profit plans. Government does not know that they were be in force Lunch Program have all the money and grain Aco are given by school teachers and children do not get food anywhere, and if ever - sometimes a bit - too much would get of poor quality, he remains the same. ............ And the reason public schools today, the child - the child "scandal" have become aware of words and they came to know that their food they reached home educators are not together. ..............

Today the government 14 years to provide free education to the children saying. But the government ever tried to learn the truth is that many children go to school and study? Maybe the government did not ever try to find out, and if the true facts he could not reach. ........ There are still many children being deprived of education at the age of their studies to cradle your belly within a work or are employed elsewhere. Thus neither of the children are trained to read and not get the chance to play. ................ Just such a situation the village with children - not just in the city's countryside. While the law banning child labor is laid. ............ In hotels or other places of the city that many children will also work throughout the day and raise your stomach, and neither they write - read to know and find neither life. They just have to work all day there. His life is neither the study nor the game and neither has no means of their development. ................... You might think that what happens to these children? ..............

Government will not only prepare declarations and programs .................. But every child at the appropriate time would be to ensure proper education and proper environment. We should not kid frustrated talent but talent should arouse.

--- Mahesh Kumar Verma

Original Post : बाल शिक्षा बनाम बाल मजदूरी

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Why hinder women in education

Today in our male dominated society is viewed in the spirit of neglected female. Boy - girl feeling neglected in the gap and the girl begins to see that time when a girl is born from its mother's womb. When a boy is born the child celebrate the joys and वहीँ when a girl is born students is a disappointment; after a disaster such as a girl born to be broke loose.

Moreover, after the birth of the boy and girl nurture get to see much difference. Where the boy's food and homely girl वहीँ special care is taken in relation to it does not. Where the boy's studies - is drawing special attention to overlook वहीँ girl is in that sense. What if the girl can not get to school is also fortunate. Even if a girl estranged middle school or high school education, its study is closed and you wish to read the girl's mind and then beat her this wish - is shattered and his talent is too dull is.

Think the boy and girl that we so much difference - why are prices? What girl living in this society and the right to read and move on and some do not? .......... One reason to think it is clear that we believe that this girl will be home to an outsider why so much attention and should be spent? Money Money Yeah, mom - my daughter's father because of their similar thinking correctly neither nurture do not just give the right education stunned. Money because they believe the child is estranged in-laws live in it, then behind it so why should I spend? ............ Then one keeps thinking it will give the girl more or higher education according to the higher level then we would wish to find that much money I would give as dowry. .................... Thus because of dowry problem, too many mother - the father of her daughter is not special Pedate. ......... But we must recognize that our thinking is not right in any sense. Fear not teach our daughter's dowry is fooling itself and it shows our narrow and despicable ideology. ............... Having this type of thinking should understand that if we give proper education to the daughter and read - so there's no harm Increase of being written. If the girl reading - writing is a job or a job, why do so? In this case such a boy might get too easy or less without a dowry dowry to marry her. And if it does not, then read the girl - by writing on their feet standing, self-sufficient, why do so ?............... Thus we must recognize that child to read - written by pursuing largely dowry dowry problem is not growing is a solution. ................

Therefore, our society must change its thinking this vile and son - daughter can not differentiate between a boy - girl correctly both nurture and proper education should be.

Yes, it is also true that gradually we are becoming aware of and how many families now have higher education is also the daughter. We are still very behind in this task, and we will proceed.

Must remove their despicable thinking.

Son - daughter to bridge the gap.

Daughter will go ahead.

Responsible mother - would carry out the duty of parents.

Original Post : स्त्री शिक्षा में बाधा क्यों

Writter of the original post : Mahesh Kumar Verma (Contact No. : +919955239846)

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Female feticide: a hideous act

Feticide is a heinous crime and it is disgrace to mankind. Behind every success is a woman's hand and when we race the female destroys the fetus before birth to this man and what could be a greater stigma matter? Damn he killed the fetus in any way engaged in ........

It says right in the sense that any son or son is salvation. ........ So many times today that the father of the son he hopes his son could also cause death. ........... If we go deep into spirituality, we can well understand the fact that children achieve liberation or salvation of God being male or female does not depend at anytime. The women's race from the whole human race whether male or female is born, the women's race to destroy the fetus before birth or loathe her man is a disgusting act. ................

- Mahesh Kumar Verma
Original Post : कन्या भ्रूण हत्या : एक घिनौना कार्य
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Caste-based system: a threat to the country

Census based on caste has no meaning. Yes, it is true that different races when I have to give special feature on the basis of caste, we must take account of race and caste in the census will have to ask. Reservation based on caste or other facility on it? Thus our society all in the name of caste divide it? Strictly speaking caste our society today - as much as the practice is leaving the government has increased it holding as much. First race in our society - was his custom to finish we strive for years and have won largely successfully. Government on the same race - is working to bring the tradition back. Thus the government's policy is not justified in any sense. Race - particularly in the name of a task should not be. We have just one race the human race and for all should be a uniform rule and an equal right. Thus in the name of caste should not be. Census and therefore to note the race or race is not fair to ask. Government in the name of caste people and India's future but not at the summit taking toward collapse, which is dangerous for the country. After all, why?

We divide society on caste are the howls.
- Mahesh Kumar Verma
Original Post : जाति आधारित व्यवस्था : देश के लिए खतरा
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Divisive race based on how responsible government

Sochaniey the one hand, religion and caste distinctions - price is said to eliminate the other side is religion and caste based reservations. But remarkably the same thing that comes before religion and caste to divide society to work hand in most of our religion and caste based reservation system. This argument is not a blank one hundred percent right. You can see for yourself that people of any race in our society a place to stay or your business is no problem. But our law is the law? Law is the law that this feature will bring caste certificate ....... So much for a certain caste reservation reservations .......... so much for such and such a race you see yourself that the government and the law society on the basis of caste is divided into many sections ...... Forward, Backward, Backward Classes, Anynt Backward Classes, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Dalits, Mahadlit ............. You would say that caste system is already in our society and there are even more many species. Think you own other than a marriage in our society about anywhere to anyone living or working in race is no problem. Well, it was racist in our society but now it is leaving the community regret that now our government has increased it's caste-based reservation system.

Someone has rightly said:

Government says race - gets off.
Law says bring caste certificate.
What is the conspiracy.
This is not democracy.

My reader on this article Please give your fair consideration.


Original Post : जाति के आधार पर समाज को बांटने में सरकार कितनी दोषी

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is the Government Blind?

It is not necessary that luxuries and attitude of people will improve, however improvement our country achieves. Now a days science is developing so much whereas there are many illiterate people. The largest number of illiterates is in India as per one report. There are numerous children seen in the hotels, restaurants, at the stations, in the market and on footpath to earn their livelihood or sell something. These children get opportunity neither to play nor to study. Not only this, these children are also engaged in selling items of narcotics like tobacco, pan parag, etc. on which the slogan is printed "Not for minor" at public places like trains, stations etc. where its uses or banned.
You must think what will be the future of these children? Someone has rightly said government is blind. Narcotics and smoking items are sold openly at public places. Minors are engaged at hotels, restaurants, or like this many places. Doesn't the government see it? Where is the law for ban on selling of smoking items at common places? Where is the law for ban on child labour? Where is the law for imparting education to all children? All the rules and regulations of the government are openly violated but no positive steps are being taken against it. Perhaps government is blind surely. But who will guide this blind government? There are many political parties in our country only to reiterate and blame one another on some issues or events. All are mad after their their vote bank, they one completely blind to the improvement work being done in favour of the citizens or not, and when the welfare work is started, they think about only for the sake of their own benefit not for the common class.
Here doesn't end the discussion. We all should pander unanimously how to establish a clean and cultured society free from crime and corruption. Let us come to contribute in building a classic and honest society supporting honesty and truth.

Great India is not great

India is great because Indian is great. But Indian is not great because India is not great. India is not great because Indian have no rights of justice. Indian have no rights of justice because here no justice in the court. And for this criminal be freedom and victim have no rights for justice. So India is not great and it is falling down. Thus great India have no orderliness and hence it is not great.