Monday, August 9, 2010

Stay bear everything silently to promote women's torture

We should not forget that behind every success no - no - a woman's hand is in some form. Today in the male group home where his every action there unnecessary to rely on a woman ever being out of control that a woman like that - seem to like torture and harassment. At that time he forgets that his food from his house for the whole system relies on the same woman. Men have their work time to remove the same woman at that time he seems very sweet and other times he unnecessarily and that women are angry at the way the woman - also give such torture. In that case, if quietly all women - are certain to suffer torture by being male, it will be to promote and in this case the man would not stop his habit ever. Therefore, all women quietly - nothing by being unnecessarily bearing men must oppose torture. And so remain blind eye on the man that women will understand how important it is for.


It was written on 20/06/2007 by Mahesh Kumar Verma, who was sent in June 2007 Matantar of Kadambini.
Original Post : महिलाओं को चुपचाप सबकुछ सहते रहना प्रताड़ना को बढावा देना है
Writter of the original post : महेश कुमार वर्मा (Mahesh Kumar Verma) (Contact No. : +919955239846)
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