Sunday, August 1, 2010

Caste-based system: a threat to the country

Census based on caste has no meaning. Yes, it is true that different races when I have to give special feature on the basis of caste, we must take account of race and caste in the census will have to ask. Reservation based on caste or other facility on it? Thus our society all in the name of caste divide it? Strictly speaking caste our society today - as much as the practice is leaving the government has increased it holding as much. First race in our society - was his custom to finish we strive for years and have won largely successfully. Government on the same race - is working to bring the tradition back. Thus the government's policy is not justified in any sense. Race - particularly in the name of a task should not be. We have just one race the human race and for all should be a uniform rule and an equal right. Thus in the name of caste should not be. Census and therefore to note the race or race is not fair to ask. Government in the name of caste people and India's future but not at the summit taking toward collapse, which is dangerous for the country. After all, why?

We divide society on caste are the howls.
- Mahesh Kumar Verma
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