Sunday, August 8, 2010

Child education versus child labor

Today the government is focusing on education and the like - are running such schemes. But the government knows this reality that children are getting their profit plans. Government does not know that they were be in force Lunch Program have all the money and grain Aco are given by school teachers and children do not get food anywhere, and if ever - sometimes a bit - too much would get of poor quality, he remains the same. ............ And the reason public schools today, the child - the child "scandal" have become aware of words and they came to know that their food they reached home educators are not together. ..............

Today the government 14 years to provide free education to the children saying. But the government ever tried to learn the truth is that many children go to school and study? Maybe the government did not ever try to find out, and if the true facts he could not reach. ........ There are still many children being deprived of education at the age of their studies to cradle your belly within a work or are employed elsewhere. Thus neither of the children are trained to read and not get the chance to play. ................ Just such a situation the village with children - not just in the city's countryside. While the law banning child labor is laid. ............ In hotels or other places of the city that many children will also work throughout the day and raise your stomach, and neither they write - read to know and find neither life. They just have to work all day there. His life is neither the study nor the game and neither has no means of their development. ................... You might think that what happens to these children? ..............

Government will not only prepare declarations and programs .................. But every child at the appropriate time would be to ensure proper education and proper environment. We should not kid frustrated talent but talent should arouse.

--- Mahesh Kumar Verma

Original Post : बाल शिक्षा बनाम बाल मजदूरी

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